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HR Photography Israël event photographer to enlight Sukkot holiday...

Sukkot is one of the three festivals where the Jewish people went to the Temple for a pilgrimage hence.
On Sukkot,  we commemorate the exodus and slavery from Egypt, we also express our gratitude for the abundance of harvests.
Also, Sukkot is celebrated as Chag Haassif (the harvest festival), we the gather the second harvest, at the beginning of the agricultural year and the first rains.

Thus, tens of thousands of homes across the world are building sukkot: temporary habitation huts, reminding us about the huts where the Israelites lived in the desert after leaving Egypt. We live 8 days in these huts. In addition, The holliday of Sukkot gives us the opportunity to enter the sacred sanctuary of holiness: the Sukkah representing the Beth Hamikdash (Temple) after spiritually purifying oneself on Yom Kippur.We  thus have the privilege of spending a week under the wings of the Divine presence.

Moreover, men buy a lulav (palm branch), an Etrog (lemon), Hadass (myrtle branches) and Arava (willow) : the four species necessary for the ritual of the religious festival of Sukkot. In addition, we  added prayers, such as the Hallel (a series of blessings and psalms recited during services in the synagogue).

 Also, Sukkot ends with the holliday of Shemini Atzeret, "the holy convocation of the eighth day" which coincides with the holliday of Simhat Torah "joy of the Torah". The celebration of Shemini Atzeret / Simhat Torah is characterized by the dances of the men carrying the Torah scrolls.
We also read
the last and the first chapter of the Pentateuch.

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