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All about HR Photography Israël and the photographer Rivka Yaffa Jamila.

HR Photography Israël has chosen to bring to life the beauty of your world  by  pictures and emotion.
This photographic firm is the result of a renaissance. It represents life, hope, joy and faith.
Through each photographic event, HR Photography Israël wishes to reveal the inner beauty of each creature.
Like the sun that constantly sheds light and warmth, God supports His creations. Like the light that creates the picture and freezes emotion for eternity,
HR Photography Israël aims to immortalize happiness and emotion and thus to bring the gem to light  that is the human soul.

According to Rivka Yaffa Jamila gifted with an altruistic nature mixed with an extreme sensitivity, photography represents more than a passion, more than a profession, it is a way of expressing  emotions   through the magic of light. The image having this ability to reflect a person, a place, or an event more than words. Photography holds this magic  to communicate in order to reveal the beauty of the world around us. Capturing emotion on a face, sharpening what is fixed, emphasizing a simple detail are so many reasons, which guided me to this art. I have taken up this challenge to captivate your world to reveal its purity and splendor through the pictures.

If you  want to keep a beautiful memory of a great moment in your life,
If you are looking for a photographer to realise a familly or professional event, do not hesitate!
It's time to contact HR Photography Israël, we will make it a point  of honnor to give  this event memorable!
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