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HR Photography Israël  wedding photographer  in Israël

Congratulation ! It's your wedding day! A unique and hectic new chapter in your life story opens !
To keep an unforgettable memory of this magic day, nothing is more important than photos.
As photographer wedding in Israël, HR Photography Israël would be honnored to assist you.

In the Torah, union of man and woman through marriage gets its energy from the cosmic wedding which underlies all existence; In other words  from the link of divine masculine and feminine energies emerging from the infinite light of God to create existence, world and life.
The spiritual pattern of creation is shaped on a man-woman dynamic : masculine lights (orot in Hebrew) unite with feminine receptacles (kelim in Hebrew);
masculine wisdom ('hochma in Hebrew) unite with feminine understanding (binah in Hebrew), masculine holiness (kedusha in Hebrew) unite with feminine immanence (shekhina in Hebrew) etc.
In each level, masculine and feminine energies unite to "give birth" to the next link  of "spiritual worlds" which channel the flow of divine vitality into our human world. This man-woman dynamic impacts all levels of existence.  Relationships between spirit and substance, heaven and earth, God and the people of Israel,  oral Torah and  written Torah, God and Shabbat, body and soul, heart and spirit constitute so many “marriages” within the reconciliation of opposing forces leads to the creation of life at all levels.

Thus, nothing is  more holy than union between man and woman, that is source of life. All life, all that is depends on the harmony of masculine and  feminine,
a harmony  in our hands and hearts. This unique, hectic and emotionally day requires the services of a trustworthy wedding photographer.
As professional and serious people, HR Photography Israël is at your entire disposal. We assist you throughout this day.
Our primary concern : to give you quality photos, well framed, composed and full of emotion.

 You are preparing a wedding day, you are looking for a photographer wedding in Israël,
Don't hesitate any longer, contact us ! HR Photography Israël  will be happy to make this event unforgettable!
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" HR Photography Israël to capture your moments of happiness and make them Eternal!"