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The worthy man according to the Torah is one who has conquered his desires and has deserved to refine his personal holiness.
This is a long journey and often takes a lifetime.
In accordance with the fact that human being aspires to improve and elevate himself spiritually, we  usually face to many difficulties along the way.
But with persistence, a positive outlook, words of reinforcement (Chizuk)  daily , and striving to maintain  joy, the setbacks will be short term.
In this way we will be able to experience  trials more easily.
If a soldier falls in battle, he cannot think about what happened and why he fell, he has to  keep fighting. This also applies to the man's struggle against  evil inclination; If we fall down when there are trials , we have to know how to get up and move forward. Even the "falls" come from the God and all is for  our goodness.
With perseverance, joy, reinforcing words (Chizuk) we can move forward and improve our character traits , increase faith and to ascend spiritually.

In Hebrew, the word Hith'azkout literally means "strengthening" (Chizuk), but more specifically, it applies to the person who arms himself with courage, strengthens himself  even during difficult times and finds reason to rejoice no matter what is the situation. In their teachings, Rabbi Nah'man de Breslev and Rabbi Natan speak Hith'azkout. According to their point of view  with Torah, holiness depends on joy and personal strengthening.
Personal strengthening is a subject in its own right that everyone should study and pray for  becoming a second nature.
Indeed, the most a person is able to strengthen and encourage himself, the faster he / her  will get up after a "fall" and reach  high levels in this world.

In order to go through difficult times with serenity, HR Photography Israël reveals pictures full of strenght and hope.
Through these pictures , HR Photography Israël gives courage and words of reinforcement.