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HR Photography Israël   photographer in the service of the Thora

The Torah talks about how God has created the universe, the origin of mankind beginning with Adam and Hava made in the image of God.
The Torah also talks about the life of our patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and how the Jewish people became the holy nation chosen by God  by receiving and observing the Torah.

The Torah includes 613 prescriptions, including 248 obligations (ordering us what to do), and 365 prohibitions (ordering us what not to do).
The precepts and commandments related to each phase of Jewish life, regarding to  moral duties towards others, as well as regarding to the way of serving God, in order to reach the highest moral level.

HR Photograpy Israël has chosen to provide you with a photographic overview of what the Torah highlights throughout Jewish history :
religious festivals as well as messages of Hizuk (reinforcement).
Religious festivals punctuate the Hebrew calendar and are not only commemorations  they also give the opportunity to those who know how to catch it to perfect himself / herself as a human being. It gives  also the possibility to be better in his / her relationship with others and with God.

In accordance with the fact that human being aspires to improve and elevate himself spiritually, he daily faces up to difficulties . But with perseverance, a positive look, words of reinforcement (Hizuk) and by striving to maintain  joy, we will be able to go through the trials  more easily.

Because we are all go through difficult times in our respective lives  we always need words ofords of reinforcement (Hizuk) ,
HR Photography Israël delivers  you messages of hope and courage .
Through these photographic shots HR Photography Israël invites you to discover a universe of photos  full of hope, perseverance and courage.