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Simchat Thora





HR Photography Israël event photographer to enlight Simchat Thora holiday...

Simhat Thora is one of the happiest and most festive days. It is the second day of the feast of Shemini Atzeret which takes place at the end of Sukkot.

After the evening service and the "Kiddush" in the synagogue, the scrolls of the Torah are carried in a solemn procession and the faithful say the "Atah Haréta" prayer. We then begin   the Hakafot: we go around the Bimah seven times.  Each one, with many songs and dances, expresses his infinite joy to have the Torah.
The children, boys and girls, participate in the general joy, coming with the procession and small scrolls of Torah in their hands.
Thus, in most synagogues, it is also an opportunity to make children happy by throwing candies during the dances.

In Simhat Thora, three scrolls of Torah are taken from the ark for public reading. Also, on the first scroll, we read the last parsha of the Torah entitled "Vezot Haberaha". We also call the members of the congregation  to go up to the Torah. Then, for the reading of the final part of the Torah, we call a person named   "Hatan Torah" fiancé of the Torah ".
Afterwards, another person is invited for the opening reading of the Torah, Bereshit, which is done on the second scroll. This man is called "Hatan Béréchit",
"the fiancé of Béréchit".

 Thus, on this day of Simhat Thora, we complete the annual cycle of reading the Torah and immediately  we start reading it again from the beginning.
It shows us  there is not end to the Torah, that it must be read and studied constantly. Because the Torah of God is eternal  and all humanity is based on it.
During this holliday the people of Israël form the third link in the eternal union between God, the Torah and Israël.

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