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Roch Hashana





HR Photography Israël event photographer to enlight Rosh Hashanah holiday...

Roch Hashana  is the first holiday of the jewish calendar.  This holiday commemorates the creation of the world .

Rosh Hashanah is an holiday  with the opportunity to improve ourselves. It’s a time  that God gives to us in order to become better people.
It is also a time  we can use for feasting, reflection, togetherness, renewal, forgiveness, and preparation.
Besides it is a real opportunity to become closer of God and improve our character traits.

Rosh Hashanah is celebrated  by the jewish people   from all over the world with several specificities. Repentance, prayers and charity characterize  this celebration. It allows to the world to be judged with mercy and to the mankind to be sealed in the "Book of Life"which brings the promise of an happy year to come.

In all over the world during  the service of Rosh Hashana  we sound the shofar, a special instrument made from the horn of a  ram to  remind us
the unity and the infinity of God.
Besides, on the first day of Rosh Hashanah this is a tradition to go to an area where there is water in order to  recite the Tashlich prayers;
We symbolically cast our sins into the water and leave our old shortcomings behind us, thus starting the new year with a clean slate.

Finally, food is an important part of Rosh Hashanah. Many special food are included in a traditional Rosh Hashanah meals. Sweet foods are eaten to symbolize our hope for a “sweet new year.” Honey, pomegranate and date among other things are savoured during the meals of this celebration. Also the bread (traditionally baked)  is dipped into honey instead of salt, expressing our wish for a sweet year.

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