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Catering Diamante K

HR Photography Israël food photography in Israël

Caterer, restaurant owner,  professionals of hotel trade,
are you looking for a  phototographer to realise food photography  in Israël in the purpose to  highlight your dishes?
HR Photography Israël is at your service. We offer you a quality service as well as a personalized offer to answer to your expectations

In a world where imagery holds a very large place, it is  naturally that gastronomic professionals decide to highlight their products with quality photos. An essential tool to make potential customers and give them desire to come to buy. Caterers, restaurateurs to be precised need visuals of communication to highlight their products.
HR Photography Israël has already had the opportunity to take photos for several professionals such as  Diamante K caterer located in Marseille, France.
Photos of dishes, starters and desserts, all in a perfect staging. Work on  light, framing, taking different shots,  working on  photography's composition, contrasts and  colors in order to obtain to get optimum result and give you 
photos of your expectations.

In food photography, the photographer is a true artistic director who knows how to put his ideas into pictures.
HR Photography Israël take cares of  "writing a real story" with your dishes and menus  adding its personal touch to pictures.

Are you a caterer, restaurateur, hotel professionals?
Are you looking for a food  photographer to realise food photography in Israël?
Do not hesitate !  Give  us your trust  to photograph your gastronomic works !
Get in touch with us, we will be happy to answer you and be able to support you in your project.
Visit our "service page" to know all  about our details! HR Photography Israël our success your satisfaction!